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047 – Old Hickory and Old Tip

Andrew Jackson by James Tooley Jr [c. 1840], courtesy of Wikipedia
Though never personal, throughout the course of the early 19th century, Andrew Jackson and William Henry Harrison found their lives intertwined for decades, through war and peace. Though they often found themselves in competition, there were also some rare instances where they could be found on the same side, and the story of their relationship over time provides much insight about the antebellum period of American history. Source information for this episode can be found at http://whhpodcast.blubrry.com.

026 – The Case of Harrison v Despotism

Símon Bolívar, c. 1830, by José María Espinosa, courtesy of Wikipedia

We take a close look in this episode at Harrison’s letter to Símon Bolívar of 27 September 1829, completed just prior to Harrison’s return to the United States, in order to understand what it reveals about Harrison’s observations on Colombia and its government as well as about Harrison and what he took from this foray into international diplomacy. I also consider what implications this letter has for Harrison at this point in his life and what we might glean from it about his plans upon his return to North Bend. Sources used for this episode can be found at http://whhpodcast.blubrry.com.

025 – The Colombian Mission

The Cathedral of Bogotá in Bolívar Square, 2004 by Kenori, courtesy of Wikipedia

Harrison is sent off on a diplomatic mission to Colombia but quickly learns that navigating international politics can sometimes be problematic, particularly in the wake of both the turbulence of the Latin American wars of independence and the Jackson revolution back in the States. Join the General and myself on a journey of nearly 2,500 miles from North Bend to Bogotá, the capital of Simón Bolívar’s Gran Colombia. Sources for this episode can be found at http://whhpodcast.blubrry.com.