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042 – Years of Striving

Henry Clay and the American System campaign token [c. 1832], courtesy of the Virginia Historical Society
After the defeat in 1828, the pro-Adams camp forms a new political party, the National Republicans, which turns to the willing and eager Henry Clay to lead them against Andrew Jackson and to carry the party banner towards victory in 1832. However, Clay will find that the presidential politics of the Jackson era are not quite as easy to navigate as he might have originally imagined, especially as another new party, the Anti-Masonic Party, threatens to steal away support from Clay and open a path to reelection victory for the incumbent President. Source information for this episode can be found at http://whhpodcast.blubrry.com.

006 – Panics, Specie, and Divorce, Oh My! The Jacksonian Finance System

A government on the brink of disaster, a nation facing financial ruin and social strife, and even a guest appearance from everyone’s favorite Founding Father with his own musical. The Jacksonian finance system may not be the first subject that one would think of for an interesting episode, but there was more going on than folks are typically aware that had an impact on our world today. Join me on this week’s episode as we finally learn what the Specie Circular was, why Jackson felt he had to kill the Bank of the United States, and how it all fit in to the economic calamity that began in 1837.

The sources used for this episode can be found on http://whhpodcast.blubrry.com.