About the Harrison Podcast

The Harrison Podcast is an extension from a lengthy research project on the one month presidency of William Henry Harrison. For those who don’t know, Harrison was inaugurated in March 4th, 1841 and died on April 4th, 1841. It was a time positioned between the Revolution and the Civil War filled with characters who played a pivotal role in American history. Harrison rode into office with a decisive majority in 1840, beating incumbent president Martin Van Buren but was just in the midst of getting his administration going when his life was cut short. The podcast series will examine the America of 1841, some of the major figures of the time, the issues that were being faced, and attempt to answer the question of why the one month president is more important than he’s been portrayed to date in histories of the time.

Please feel free to also check out our sister podcast, the Presidencies of the United States, at http://presidencies.blubrry.com which explores the 45 presidencies of the United States to date and the 44 individuals who led them. For questions, comments, etc, please feel free to contact me via email at harrisonpodcast@gmail.com, via Facebook at facebook.com/harrisonpodcast, or on Twitter at twitter.com/harrisonpodcast. Thanks so much for listening!