One Year Anniversary Special Episode

Fourth of July at the Washington Monument, 1986, by SSGT Lono Kollars, courtesy of Wikipedia

In honor of my one year anniversary of podcasting, I did this special episode to run simultaneously on the Presidencies of the United States to share a little bit about how I got started podcasting, some information about our audience, and a chance for you to be entered into a drawing for a gift card to Powell’s Books.

The survey mentioned in the episode can be found at, but you must complete it as instructed by July 31st and leave your name and email address to be entered into the drawing. Please note: If you haven’t already, I do ask that you listen to at least one episode of either podcast (and this one doesn’t count) before participating in the drawing so that you can give feedback to help make the podcasts better as we go into year two. Thanks so much in advance!