008 – Sources Used

Democratic Ticket 1836 - Liberty & Equal Rights
Democratic Ticket 1836 – Liberty & Equal Rights, courtesy of HarpWeek and the Library of Congress
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And a special credit and thank you to Amy Buchanan for her rendition of the Martin Van Buren campaign song, accompanied by ukulele and lyrics set to the tune of “Rock-a-Bye Baby.” Your presidentially inclined friend is most grateful for your indulgence! For more recent commentary on this song as well as other campaign songs, feel free to check out these articles from Slate and NBC News. There is also an album available from the Smithsonian with campaign songs from 1789 to 1996 which includes the full version of the Van Buren Rockabye Baby as well as two other 1840 hits – Tippecanoe and Tyler Too and the Harrison Yankee Doodle. While I can’t wait to hear all three of those, I have to admit I’m also very curious about “Get in a Raft with Taft.” Political history never ceases to amaze!